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delicious confident products of ehime

Information on the Brand with "Love" Products from Ehime

There are many attractive agricultural, forestry and marine products, and processed foods in Ehime which had abundant beautiful blue sea, fertile soils and a mild climate. Ehime Ai Foods Promotion Organization (Chairperson: Ehime Prefectural Governor) designates safe, secure and excellent agricultural, forestry and marine products, and processed foods as the "Brand with 'Love' Products", and conduct Public Relations to advertise this to as many people as possible both in and outside of Ehime Prefecture.
Among the "Brand with 'Love' Products", we have numerous attractive items including the Unshu mikan (Citrus Unshiu) and Iyo Orange, and Beni Madonna orange which is a new breed, all of which represent the citrus kingdom Ehime. All the products are those Ehime takes pride in. By all means enjoy them.

brand with love

This mark indicates that the item is a "Brand with 'Love' Products" recognized as safe, secure, and of excellent quality. We express this with the Chinese character for "love" and the decorated pictograph using a heart, with which it is possible for the places of production and the producers to express their forms of "Love" such as their proud citrus or fish or the production scenery to foster their products.

Introduction of sea and mountain products which are raised brimming with love.
black-hair japanese cattle beef
Healthy tasting, lean Kuroge Wagyu (black-hair Japanese cattle beef)
Ehime Akane Wagyu (Japanese beef)
black-hair japanese cattle beef

What kind of beef? Bred and raised in Ehime. Kuroge Wagyu (black cattle) raised in Ehime, created with a special healthy taste by being fed the citrus, special products of Ehime, and flaxseed oil*. Its balance of lean and fat is excellent, and it is soft, delicious, and healthy Japanese beef.
* Flaxseed oil ... oil extracted from seeds of the flax plant. Flaxseed oil has been garnering attention lately as a health food as it is rich in linolenic acid and alpha-linoleic acid which are essential fatty acids.
When do sales begin? It has been sold in some stores since the end of November, 2015. Across the board sales begin in March of 2016. Refer to our Facebook page for sales information!

ehime queen splash
Ehime Queen Splash
A sweet, rich, fresh, and plump-fleshed citrus like a brilliant clear jewel.
ehime queen splash

What kind of citrus is "Ehime Queen Splash"? Among Kampei oranges, Ehime Queen Splash is a new brand that recognizes only fruit of the highest quality which undergoes constant quality checks.
- A high grade of fruit sugar concentrate selected by photodetector.
- Especially excellent in shape and color, and free of signs of pests and abrasion.
What is Kampei? "Kampei," authorized as a "Brand with 'Love' Product" is an original product of the prefecture whose characteristics are a rich sweetness and a particular texture called shaki (refreshing in Japanese) with flat-shaped flesh.
This is one of our high-level top class citruses which boast tasty quality among citrus. When is the best season? From the end of January to the end of February.
It's sold at a department store of a prefecture and out the prefecture.

himetakami of iyo
Himetakami of Iyo (Ehime Prefecture)
We have succeeded in cultivating "suma (eastern small tuna)" which is said to be "full-bodied fatty tuna."
himetakami of iyo

What is suma (eastern small tuna)? This is a family of tuna and bonito distributed in warm sea areas such as the Indian Ocean and the west Pacific Ocean. This fish has small black spots under the chest fin and it is also called "Yaito Katsuo (skipjack tuna with moxibustion scars) because the spots resemble the trace marks of moxa (mugwart) burning. It is scarce and seldom shipped to central markets such as Tsukiji in Tokyo, but is consumed chiefly in ares where it is caught. The general size is small with a length of 60cm and 3 - 4kg in weight. What is "Himetakami of Iyo"? "Himetakami," became a new group of Aiiku fish, that have a good fat layer and a taste like tuna's toro as its main feature. We hear professional cooks say, "It is more delicious than tuna." It is certainly suitable for the baked dishes such as in Western and Chinese cooking because it has almost no aftertaste, as well as for sashimi and sushi including styles with braised surface. When does sale begin? it's shipped in spring of 2016 for a department store and luxury restaurants.

brand with love products

The authorization guideline of the "Brand with 'Love' Products"

(1) Places of processing and manufacturing

* Shall be agricultural, forestry and fisheries products which are produced, processed and shipped from inside Ehime Prefecture. (agricultural, forestry and fisheries products)

* The main raw materials shall be from Ehime Prefecture, and the products which are processed or manufactured inside Ehime Prefecture as a rule. (processed food)

(2) Quality and others

(Safety and security)

* Safety and security of the product shall be secured through a management system.


* Particular standards and criteria for product manufacture, quality inspection and shipping, etc. shall be conducted. (agricultural, forestry and fisheries products)

* An approach which enhances quality shall be conducted on the raw material and in the course of processing and manufacturing. (processed foods)

(Production place and special products)

* It shall be the high-quality product of main products or a developmental breed by the prefectural test research institutes and others. Or, it shall be a distinct product of a limited region. (agricultural, forestry and fisheries products)

* It shall be the representative processed food of this prefecture using prefectural agricultural, forestry and fisheries products. (processed foods)

(3) Distribution and sales

* Distribution and the sales strategy shall be clear, and the approach for their achievement shall be performed. (agricultural, forestry and fisheries products)

* There shall be a sales performance outside the prefecture at the time of application, and a stable supply shall be possible. Moreover, there shall be a sales strategy outside the prefecture, and the approach for achievement shall be performed.

(processed food)

* It shall be necessary to make the main customers public, and to report on the sales performance to the promotion organizations.

(4) Information

Information management concerning the manufacturing of products or their quality shall be appropriately performed. To the consumers and persons related to distribution, a system shall be organized in which information regarding a product can be readily disclosed and offered via the website and other means.

(5) Display

Not only to make a display which observes the law, but clearly utilizes the authorized mark "Love," according to the regulations of the trademark use permission summary of the brand mark "Love" of Ehime Prefecture.

(6) Others

A correspondence section shall be established for inquiries and complaints about product from consumers and customers. Moreover, even if a product is once authorized as a brand product, it shall be re-examined to insure it qualifies as a "Brand with 'Love' Product" after three years.

Positioning of Ehime Brand

authorization guidelines

Ehime Ai (love) Food Promotion Organization provides detailed guidelines, and examines compliance through the Brand Authorization Examination Association composed of specialists. We recognize only products which have cleared our guidelines and were judged to be suitable by the Examination Association to be Brand with "Love".

authorization guidelines
High <- safety security quality -> Standard
Authorization Guidelines for "Brand with 'Love' Product"
There is love in the products from Ehime Prefecture.