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Governor's Greeting


In Ehime, blessed with abundant and beautiful nature and a mild climate, we have high-quality agricultural, forestry and marine products such as citrus (Ehime is the nation's largest producer of citrus providing a year-round supply), "Aiiku fish" which are raised with great care, rich flavored livestock products and vegetables. With freedom of invention and various combinations based on those products, Ehime Prefecture is indeed the "Kingdom of Ingredients" which can be used to create various genres of cuisine.

Moreover, various processed foods such as tasty sweets, juice and liquor using the characteristics of the ingredients are also produced in different parts of the prefecture.

We compiled excellent ingredients and foods that are the pride of this prefecture as "Sugoaji, Excellent Foods Database of Producers of Ehime" in fiscal year 2013 to be utilized for business operations both inside and outside Ehime Prefecture as an indispensable business tool. Along side these measures, we have advanced the development and support of new goods and uncovered heretofore hidden gems that added new ingredients and foods this time to reinforce the total content to 201 companies and 397 product items.

It is our desire that people make use of this data base and recognize its excellence through actively and efficiently advertising the attraction of "Sugoaji, Excellent Foods Ehime Takes Pride In" and link it to their market expansion.

If you have an interest in the goods which are listed here, we would be very appreciative if you would inform the enterpriser or the prefectural office in charge.

I sincerely hope that this "Sugoaji" data base will be fully utilized as a tool for the expansion of business.